5 New Career Opportunities Created by AI

5 New Career Opportunities Created by AI

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With the right skills and expertise, aspiring professionals can contribute to the responsible development and application of AI, shaping its future impact on society and business.

The rapid rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked discussions about the potential loss or transformation of existing jobs. However, it is equally important to highlight the new professional opportunities emerging as the result of AI advancements. It might be true that AI is about to take your job, but that very fact means there is an abundance of new career opportunities for those who know how to harness this exciting new technology. Let’s explore five new and promising AI careers that are either already in demand or projected to be in the near future.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

As the demand for AI technologies grows, Artificial Intelligence Engineers play a crucial role in developing, programming, and training AI algorithms to function like human brains. According to Microsoft, professionals aspiring to become AI Engineers should possess expertise in software development, programming, data science, and data engineering. LinkedIn's 2024 Job Market Prospects report highlights the significant growth of this profession with applicants requiring skills in computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Prompt Engineer

Prompt Engineers, also known as "AI translators," are responsible for ensuring effective communication between humans and AI systems. These professionals refine prompts given to large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI's ChatGPT, aiming to improve the accuracy of AI-generated responses. They also create tailored descriptions and guidelines to align LLM outputs with specific business needs. Prompt Engineers possess a unique blend of IT expertise, business analysis skills, communication abilities, and analytical thinking.

Cybersecurity Analyst with AI

While not exclusively a new profession, Cybersecurity Analysts or Security Operations Analysts are experiencing rapid growth. These professionals establish security standards, assess risks, and identify vulnerabilities to protect organizations from cyber threats. Iindividuals with a background in AI will be advantageous in this field, as AI-related data is vulnerable to unauthorized access. AI developers who prioritize security aspects will be in high demand.

AI Technology Specialist or Consultant

Another rising position is the hiring of technology specialists or consultants focused on AI. The role of these specialists involves enforcing new rules for general-purpose AI models, developing codes of practice, and evaluating the impact and risks of AI models. This position is good for individuals with expertise in assessments, investigations, and monitoring the AI ecosystem, including research scientists, computer scientists, software engineers, and data engineers.

AI Ethics Officer

To ensure fairness and balance in the use of AI, organizations are increasingly hiring AI Ethics Officers. These professionals evaluate the potential biases and ethical implications of AI systems, particularly in hiring processes. Similar to Data Protection Officers or Chief Ethics Officers, AI Ethics Officers combine scientific and technical understanding with ethical and human rights awareness. They provide independent guidance and raise concerns about potential harm caused by AI systems.


As the world embraces the transformative potential of AI, new career opportunities are emerging across the globe. The roles of Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Prompt Engineer, Cybersecurity Analyst with AI, AI Technology Specialist or Consultant, and AI Ethics Officer offer exciting prospects for individuals seeking to build a career in the world's fastest-growing technology. With the right skills and expertise, aspiring professionals can contribute to the responsible development and application of AI, shaping its future impact on society and business. AI might be a worrying trend for some, but the truth is the days where automated robots take over every position are far from reality, instead we live in an exciting period of revolution where top tech talent has increased options for job survival and adaptation as AI helps streamline jobs and aids in work productivity.

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