Gap Year: Vietnamese Youth Increasingly Taking Time Off Work

Gap Year: Vietnamese Youth Increasingly Taking Time Off Work

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"...A gap year can be a transformative experience, offering personal growth and self-discovery. However, it's not a one-size-fits-all solution."

Taking a break from studies or work is becoming increasingly popular among young people in Vietnam. This "gap year" can be a valuable opportunity for personal growth and exploration, but it's important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. Gone are the days where a break in your CV work history is frowned upon. As more and more companies prioritize highly skilled talent found in less traditional ways, taking time off is becoming increasingly more viable for job seekers looking to refresh, learn new skills, and find their passion again!

What is a Gap Year?

Traditionally, a gap year is a year-long break taken between high school and university or between university and entering the workforce. During this time, young adults can pursue various activities like volunteering, traveling, or taking courses. Getting a jump start on your career is always a good option, but it can be unreasonable to expect a 22 year old to know exactly where their career path is headed, making a gap year a productive “pause” where talent can mature, test the job market, and find true work-life balance.

Reasons for Taking a Gap Year

The desire for work-life balance is a major factor driving the gap year trend. Young professionals, facing pressure and burnout, see it as a chance to recharge and explore their interests.

This path isn’t for everyone. Some may plan to take a year off only to realize that the productivity and routine of a full time job is what motivates and drives their day. 

For others, it may not be a desire to take time off, rather a logical next step given the job market. Last year saw huge numbers of layoffs, especially in the tech sector, meaning that only highly versatile and experienced talent was able to find stable work. Taking time off can be a way therefore to weather a down economic year, or to take time off to learn a very specific skill or new technology to ensure future employment as the market changes. 

It may even be for selfish reasons! We are only young once, and many young job seekers realizing the inescapable grind of a busy and demanding career can wait, instead prioritizing travel, especially before they have found a company they like or have started a family.

Making the Decision

A gap year can be a transformative experience, offering personal growth and self-discovery. However, it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. Consider the potential downsides like falling behind in your studies or career, and the financial implications. Carefully evaluate your goals and circumstances before making this important decision. Just know, whatever the reason, time to reflect and refresh will almost always have positive long term effects, making the gap year concept an interesting study in short vs long term career planning! 

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