The Ghosting Game: Why It Happens in Recruitment (and How to Stop It)

The Ghosting Game: Why It Happens in Recruitment (and How to Stop It)

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"...Both recruiters and candidates can feel awkward delivering bad news. This can lead to ghosting to avoid the discomfort."

Have you ever poured your heart and soul into a job application, only to be radio silence from the recruiter? Or maybe you've been the recruiter on the other side, juggling a sea of applicants and letting a few slip through the cracks? Welcome to the unfortunate world of ghosting in recruitment.

This isn't just an annoyance, it's a major frustration for both candidates and recruiters. A recent survey found nearly half of candidates had been ghosted by recruiters, and it seems to be happening the other way around too!

Why We Ghost

There are a few reasons why this ghosting trend is taking hold.

Fear of Rejection: Both recruiters and candidates can feel awkward delivering bad news. This can lead to ghosting to avoid the discomfort.

Job Market Uncertainty: With jobs changing rapidly, companies might put positions on hold or redefine them mid-recruitment. Unfortunately, they don't always update candidates who applied earlier.

Generational Differences: Younger generations like Gen Z value quick, clear communication, often preferring text or video calls. But recruiters might be stuck in the email and phone call world, leading to misunderstandings.

Tech Overload: New tools like online applications and AI screening can make the process more efficient, but impersonal. Communication becomes a numbers game, and some candidates get lost in the shuffle.

The Rise of the Anti-Ghosting Hero: The Freelance Headhunter

In this ghosted world, a new trend is emerging: the freelance headhunter. These specialists focus on niche industries, building strong relationships with both companies and talent. This personalized approach means better communication and a lower chance of ghosting. Whereas most recruiters work for a recruitment company, following company guidelines and quota’s, freelance recruiters are their own boss, creating a layer of personal responsibility when it comes to creating professional relationships. 

Beating the Ghost: Tips for Recruiters and Candidates

So how can we break the cycle of ghosting? Here are some tips:

Don't Be Afraid to Decline: It's okay for both recruiters and candidates to politely decline opportunities that aren't a good fit. A clear "no" is better than ghosting.

Embrace Technology: Use online tools effectively, but remember the human touch! A quick email, text or phone call (what year is it!) can go a long way.

Communication is Key: Be open and honest, respecting different communication styles. Candidates, voice your preferences for updates! Recruiters, use a mix of email, phone, and text depending on the situation.

Set Expectations: Outline the recruitment process clearly upfront, so everyone knows what to expect and when.

By following these tips and embracing a more personal approach, we can create a recruitment process that's respectful and efficient for everyone. After all, fostering strong relationships starts at the very beginning!

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