What Businesses Can Learn From Software Developers

What Businesses Can Learn From Software Developers

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What Businesses Can Learn From Software Developers

In today's rapidly evolving world, the software industry stands out for its agility, efficiency, and unmatched growth. Serial entrepreneur Farokh Shahabi delves into the reasons behind the success of tech giants, explores how traditional industries can learn from their traits, and highlights the importance of embracing our inner software developer. Let's uncover the patterns that make the software industry thrive and how these principles can transform other sectors.

The tech industry's unique value

If we take a closer look at the world's largest companies, we notice a striking trend. Except for an oil company, the top spots are dominated by technology giants. However, their market valuation doesn't solely rely on revenue or employee count. So, what sets them apart?

Rapid change and continuous innovation

Technology evolves at an astonishing pace, outpacing other industries, even those with substantial funding like healthcare. This swift progress is fueled by the industry's ability to adapt and innovate quickly. Some of the fast changes in any business sector are the direct result of technological changes disrupting old inefficient ways of doing business. Companies working at the forefront of technological development become the crux by which so many other companies rely to push innovation forward.

Patterns of success

Emphasis on skills and talent: In the software industry, education takes a backseat to skills, talents, and the ability to create something tangible. This departure from traditional hierarchies allows innovators and entrepreneurs to bypass educational constraints, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. Many of the top developers do not even have a college degree, and many jobs will bypass any lack of education for applicable skill and talent. This doesn’t mean education isn’t important, but in the results driven world of tech, there is a place for the unconventional to thrive.

Results-oriented work environment: Unlike more conventional industries, software developers measure work by results rather than hours. Successful tech companies have embraced unconventional work hours and office environments, empowering small teams to create amazing code and products. The concept that time worked determines if you’re a good employee or not has been challenged by work from home options and the rise of workers rights, where talented and in demand tech leaders are rejecting the 40 hour work week for more results driven scheduling.

Embracing the Startup mindset: Challenging the status quo is deeply ingrained in the software industry. Google, for instance, encourages its employees to dedicate 20% of their time to personal projects. This freedom to explore ideas has led to groundbreaking innovations such as Gmail and AdSense. Some of the biggest tech companies with billion dollar valuations started off with just a room full of employees and a dream, making the tech sector an inspiration for what is possible with limited resources or staff.

Collaborative innovation: The software industry thrives on collaboration, leveraging crowdsourcing and open source ideologies. Technology enables individuals from diverse backgrounds, even across language barriers, to work together seamlessly. Open-source programming languages and platforms foster a culture of shared knowledge and collective problem-solving.

Lessons for traditional industries

The success of the software industry's unconventional approaches to innovation and growth can inspire other sectors to embrace change. By incorporating tech and adopting the software developer mindset, industries can achieve greater efficiency and drive transformation.

Today, success is not solely about being the biggest or having the most successful product. It's about creating platforms that empower others to grow and succeed. Companies like Amazon and Shopify exemplify this approach, enabling others to thrive as business leaders, creating a ripple effect of value. Comparing their growth to similar companies like Walmart, we see increased opportunities for growth by embracing the entrepreneurial tech mindset where anyone can be their own business or brand.


The software industry's agility, efficiency, and unconventional problem-solving methods have propelled it to unprecedented heights. These principles are not exclusive to tech but can be applied to any industry seeking innovation and growth. Most importantly, more traditional and long standing businesses can use the success of the tech sector to push their own innovation, refusing to let established hierarchies and a history of success dictate their future risk. In many ways, tech is the great disruptor, pushing innovation, challenging office norms, and punishing those who do not adopt a more open mindset, regardless of what business they work in.

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